Fenlux  Doors and Windows Services

We are one of the few distributors able to offer you a complete renovation service for your project.  We offer a multitude of services that will definitely ease your stress.   Here is a list of ou services,

  1. Modern Showroom that  displays all our products available. This is very useful to help you select the product that is right for you,

  2. Free consultation with one of our sale representative. He or she will  help you choose the right products for your project.

  3. Free quote and measurement for your doors, windows, balconies, railings, opening, light masonry  work, or any other renovation requests, 

  4. Professional  installation. Our installers are fully qualified with all the certificats requested by the CCQ and RBQ.

  5. Replacement of misty thermos,

  6. Delevery

  7. Installation and product warranty

  8. After sale services.

  9. Financing - OAC (Accord-D, Desjardins)