Fenplast Awning window
Fenplast Casement   Window

This window, which is one of the best on the market of  PVC windows, is noted for a structural-type frame, which gives it a contemporary aspect while reducing the thickness of the centre “post”. This window system was designed to offer you “Plus”: an elegantly profiled sash, which is gracefully rounded, as well as a window frame with integrated mouldings to meet your needs. Three weather strips (two on the sash and one on the frame) ensure the window is waterproof.  More info

One of the most overlooked alternatives for small openings is the awning window. This type of window has the same safety and performance features as the casement window. The “scissors” type mechanism in the lower part of the window allows for indirect ventilation.

This type of window may also be installed over each other to give it the warm aspect of a hung window, while maintaining the advantages of a “compression” closure. More info

This window, with two movable sashes, ensures excellent ventilation. The exceptional results obtained in the various waterproofing tests show this window has a distinct advantage. You may choose from a full size screen or a halfscreen (as illustrated).  More info

Still the same type of window but built so that only the bottom part of the sash is movable. This window, which is more economical without making any compromise in performance, surprises by its integrated aspect. The horizontal mullion, which is simple and straightforward, is mechanically assembled to ensure structural rigidity.  More info

Fenplast DOUBLE Hung window
Fenplast SINGLE
Hung window 

Fenplast ISO  PVC windows Serie 


The Iso© window series was designed to meet the specific needs of new construction, as well as renovation in which complete window frames must be replaced.

Fenplast SINGLE
Slider window 

With only one movable sash, this economical window is a wonder of simplicity and clean design. The sealed unit is held in place not within a sash but by the frame of the window itself, as well as by the mullion. The mullion is a refined design which gives the whole window the appearance of a casement window. The ease of operation and ruggedness of this window make it a most sought after choice.  More info

Both sashes are movable to supply ventilation on the right or the left sides. Both sashes tilt inward, which allows handling them easily for cleaning purposes without having to withdraw them from the frame. This system ensures a maximum unobstructed opening for carrying material in and out. This window may be ordered with a full screen, thereby determining which side is to be opened, or with a half screen for greater luminosity.  More info

Fenplast DOUBLE
Slider window 
Fenplast IRREGULAR SHAPE window 

Over time, Fenplast has acquired the experience necessary to offer you windows with various geometrical shapes, thereby meeting your architectural needs and allowing you to personalize your home as you wish. The shapes shown on this page are only a few examples of the numerous possibilities offered. 

What’s better than a bay window (3 sections) or a bow window (4 or more sections) to have your house stand out? This window features various possibilities of inside finishing, either in oak, pine or laminated material, thereby dramatically enhancing the esthetics of this type of opening.

These windows may also be manufactured with angles made to meet your requirements, thereby ensuring a perfect finish, especially for your renovation needs. These bow windows will ensure outstanding luminosity and will be an ideal location for growing your plants and flowers.

Fenplast BAY or BOW