EcoPlus casement hybride window

Fenplast has ventured into the area of hybrid windows with a typical casement model called EcoPlus©. 
With its straight, uncluttered profiles, this window reflects the current trend in housing.

The Window

The EcoPlus© window is a structural casement window with three levels of weather-stripping. The frame and sash are made of very strong multi-chamber PVC, and all corners are soldered at 45°, providing incomparable efficiency and rigidity. Aluminium extrusions are inserted into the PVC part in the exterior, providing remarkable structural strength.

Two glazing stops can be adapted to the system, giving you the choice between a double-glazed sealed unit or, for unparalleled energy efficiency, a triple-glazed sealed unit with a total thickness of 1¼‘’

This very window can also be used with the awning opening system.

The frame

Currently, the windows of the Eco© series only come in casement, awning and fixed models.


We can also provide irregular shape windows (EcoGeo)

The different EcoPlus© window frames all have a thickness of 5¾” and are available in three configurations of aluminium extensions depending on your needs: flats and with an overlap of either ½” or 1”.


The 5 3/4" frame allows positioning the sash nearer to the warm part of the wall (thereby reducing condensation) according to the Novoclimat requirement.

The Screen

The screen frame is made of robust aluminium and has an overlap that rests against the window, protecting you from even the smallest of insects. 

The screen is made of black fibre.

The Colors

Aluminum colours

Exterior aluminum is available in five (5) standard finishes. It may be clear anodized or a commercial brown, white, black or Slate. The paint used has a powder base and has been specially formulated against chalking.



Moreover, we offer the option of painting your windows in our workshops in one of over 20 standard colours, or even in your own customized colour. We can even paint the interior.

Anchor points

To close a casement window as tightly as possible, the anchoring points must be positioned as close as possible to the ends of the sash.

As illustrated, Fenplast has its lower anchoring point 4” from the bottom of the frame which is the ideal placement.


Every opening sash comes with a multipoint lock. This means that all windows (except for awning windows) are equipped with a locking system having two or three anchor points (depending on the height of the window). The advantage of this is to be able to safely lock your window in only one operation. The lock is installed as low as possible to make handling it easy. This is especially appreciated in a window located above a kitchen sink or for someone who is mobility challenged.


When a casement window is wider than 20” (meaning 90% of all windows) the sash opening system is
operated by a “DOUBLE ACTION” mechanism. This system uses a 3-point attachment to the sash. This principle allows for very easy opening of the sash to an angle of 90° which ensures an ideal access for cleaning the outside surface of the window from inside the home.


The stainless steel hinges provide superior protection against corrosion.


As represented, the folding handle, is nesting in an elegant cover and won’t interfere with window treatments.