ISOVent Hung PVC window basic features

This Fenplast series of window frames is available in 4 1/2”, 5 3/4" flush (casement, awning and picture frame window only) or 5 3/4” with exterior moulding (EM) thicknesses.

Common features
The Construction

An inclined and welded sill, typical of Fenplast windows, ensuring easy cleaning as well
as remarkable waterproof performance.

A stainless steel coil counterweight system to ensure easy sliding< of the sashes. A
simple and proven system.

Inside glazing stop for increased security and practicality in case of glass replacement.

A handle that is especially designed and punched for easy and safe handling.

Two ventilation locks located on the frame (single hung) or on the upper sash (double
hung) ensuring opening of the sash to a maximum of 4 '' while restraining access from outside.

Several parts in moulded PVC to improve efficiency and esthetics.

May be ordered with a 5 ¾” frame for a non-assembled window, or you can simply use
the inside and outside mouldings unique to the Iso© series..

The Locks

Profiled and esthetic locks arranged so that it is easy to see if the cam is in an opened or closed position, even from a certain distance from the window. In addition, a symbol clearly shows the position of the cam. 


Easy to operate tilt latches allow the sashes to tilt inwards for cleaning that is surprisingly easy.

The Colors



To add originality to your home choose windows color that will stand out and have a look well today. Reflect your personality by choosing the color to harmonize the interior of your windows and doors with your decor.

The interior paint option for your windows and doors is available with our casement windows, awnings and fixed and our sliding doors and steel. This is a solution to both energy and economic eco.  

You can choose from more than twenty standard colors or provide us the color code of a paint supplier.